West Coast Winter Guard



Hello, everyone. On behalf of myself and everyone else working with WCWG, I would like to welcome you and tell you a bit more about the newest performance opportunities in Southern California: West Coast Winter Guard.


About 5 years ago, several of us began talking about different aspects of our community here in Southern California. This led to an ongoing dialogue and research into organizations, both national and local, that presented structure and a variety of educational opportunities which were similar to our own conversations. Last year, several times, the same conversations arose again, and we decided it was time to put talk into action.

Finally, in May, 15 like-minded representatives met to put the plan into action. So, 5 months later…here we are!


WCWG is not recruiting anyone and, most importantly, we encourage all directors to offer as many performance opportunities as possible to their units. Where ever those opportunities may be.

Here is what we believe:

The units run the circuit. They decide the direction and how/what will be funded by their organization.

We only run winter guard contests and educational opportunities for our member units and their staffs.

Within our budgetary limitations, we will seek out the highest quality input from adjudicators/designers (this does not mean that every panel is a “full WGI panel”).

All groups, regardless of competitive class, deserve a full judging panel

The show host organization should receive all monies generated the day of the show. This includes but is not limited to ticket sales and concessions.

Show sites should be of ample size to provide a full performance space for all groups and a vantage point to receive educational feedback from the panel.

Until such time as deemed necessary, all administrative positions within the WCWG shall be voluntary.

And lastly, we believe in a sense of community and education. Sometimes, we all get lost in the process of our own groups and forget to look up and enjoy the sense of belonging that this great activity offers to ourselves and, most importantly, to our students.


Our first event, our Premiere Show, will be hosted at Riverside City College (RCC). There will be 3 wonderfully qualified designers giving commentary. They will be making overall commentary, but one will be primarily focused down stairs and the other two upstairs. There will be no scores given but the T and P judge will be checking to make sure your overall interval timing and “legal equipment time” is good. This will give Premiere a real show feel without the competitive pressure. We will follow Premiere with two “season” shows: Del Norte HS in San Diego and Lynwood HS in the Greater Los Angeles Area. And lastly, we will be hosting our very first WCWG Championships. At this time, we are finishing up the final details with the show site and we anticipate announcing the Championship location shortly.

January 30th
Robby DuFresne
Karl Lowe
Jude Boughton
February 27th
EQ Chris Deboard
MVT Billy Saccomanno
DA Eric Sabach
GE Cody Pileski
GE Kevin Morris
March 12th
EQ Doug Henderson
MVT Charles Brown
DA Ron Comfort
GE Jeff Bridges
GE Jamey Thompson
April 3rd
EQ Sal Adamo
MVT Michael Thompson
DA Jason Pliska
GE Cody Pileski
GE Jeff Bridges

As you can see, things are well on their way to a great season. Also, coming soon: VIDEO WALK THROUGH OF EACH SHOW SITE!!

Have you ever arrived at a show site, and, even after taking a look at the map, thought where is everything and what side is the entrance on? Me too!! Being a visual activity, WCWG has decided to “visually” walk you through each show site with the show host. You will be taken through the entire show process. Unit parking, check in location, guard entrance location, view from the floor and any obstacles over the performing area, exit door location, floor folding location and much more information will be included in your Video Walk Through!

And finally, I will tell you about where we want to go. There are several educational programs and opportunities that we have planned for the future. One of the stark realities that we soon realized when we started putting everything together was that we had to prioritize our goals. We would not be able to achieve all of our goals this first year. And that’s ok. We are in this for the long haul. We have a 3 year plan, a 5 year plan, and a 10 year plan. As we have discovered along our journey so far, not everything goes as planned. But we, the WCWG Board of Directors, are committed to presenting educational opportunities to all of our units and their staffs. We are committed to the idea that a circuit should be run by the units for the units. We are committed to the idea that transparency and information are the keys to move WCWG forward. And we are committed to fostering a sense of community to our Southern California winter guard family.

I look forward to this upcoming season, and on behalf of the WCWG Board of Directors, I welcome you and look forward to hearing from you. If you have further questions, please, feel free to contact us through the link on the web page.

See you on the floor,

Rob Jett
Vice President WCWG